Case Study


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Client is the market leader in the pressure cooker segment in India and has been in business since 1959. Shine Concepts is pleased to present them a unique lighting solution for their machines and workplace to create a high intensity illumination to provide the recommended lux levels.


Client has sold over 72 million pressure cookers and cookware worldwide. It is the leader in the pressure cooker market in India and has exported its products since 1974 to various countries in each of the six continents of the world.

With growing demand, it is necessary to keep the productivity at the shop floor at an optimum level. To achieve this productivity, it is necessary to maintain the required lux levels for the machine operators.


The trick here was to use indirect light source.

Shine Concepts came up with a solution of LED Track Light 10W with colour temp of 3000K which points the light sources at a wall, such that the light is reflected back into the particular area. This resulted in total control over the amount of light.


LED  Track Lights helps to highlight a particular area where high intensity illumination is required. It allows to change or reposition individual fixtures after installation.

Track lighting is no more difficult to install than regular lighting. Track lights prefer to focus on a particular area without disturbing the eye sight.


The solution recommended by Shine had a major impact on client’s manufacturing process.

Due to better lighting, client was able to monitor and inspect the critical procedure which led to fewer defects in the final product.