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LED Panel Lights

Here’s a light that doesn’t need a lot of room to light up a room! With a low maintenance cost, these lights are just what you need to keep the brightness going. With a compact, anti-scratch construction, these lights are perfect for smooth light distribution.LED Panel light provides smooth, uniform, edge-to-edge light, for a clean and modern look. The panel is manufactured in PDC (High pressure die casting technology) that gives a joint less (one piece) and uniform frame.

Key Features

  • Stylish white colour, perfectly adapted to the ceiling
  • Height of 12mm, as slim as it can be to fix any ceilings
  • Isolated driver with smart IC, working time over 40,000 hours


  • Color Temperature : 6500k – Cool White / 4000k – Natural White / 3000k – Warm White

Product Variations

Product Code Power (Watt) Shape Dimensions (MM) Cut-out (MM) Luminous Efficiency Luminous Flux (lm)
SL401 4W RD/SQ 85*8512 72 80lm/W 320lm
SL602 6W RD/SQ 120*120*12 110 85lm/W 510lm
SL903 9W RD/SQ 150*150*12 130 90lm/W 810lm
SL1204 12W RD/SQ 170*170*12 160 95lm/W 1140lm
SL1505 15W RD/SQ 190*190*12 170 95lm/W 1425lm
SL 1806 18W RD/SQ 225*225*12 200 95lm/W 1710lm
SL 2207 22 W RD/SQ 225*225*12 210 95lm/W 2090lm
SL 2608 26 W RD/SQ 300*300*12 285 95lm/W 2470lm
SL 3609 36 W SQ 595*595*12 590 95lm/W 3420lm
SL 4810 48 W SQ 595*595*12 590 100lm/W 4800lm
SL 4811 48 W SQ 295*1195*295 300*1200 100lm/W 4800lm
SL 5412 54 W SQ 595*595*12 590 100lm/W 5400lm



Technical Specifications

CRI: >70
PF: > 0.60 – 0.96
Input Voltage: AC 90-265V, 50Hz
Working Life: 40,000 hours
Luminaries Material: Die Casting Aluminium / P.C.
Driver type: Constant current led driver
LED Make: Edison
Supply Currents: 300-350Ma
IP Rating: IP20
THD: < 20%
Surge: 2KV
Mounting type: Recess