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PIR Sensor

Sensor Switch series is a Motion Detector with built in switch that can play a vital role in ENERGY SAVING by eliminating manual control on application lighting. Its sleek and easy to adjust interface can help user to trim gadget to application suitable output. One can adjust ON-Time, LUX Trip level and Sensitivity simply by placing jumper at its appropriate position, for well-groomed and dependable performance.

Key Features

  • Environmental adoption for consistent performance
  • Short circuit, Surge, Supply noise, Relay protections
  • Jumper setting for ON time, LUX trip level and Sensitivity
  • Quick installation mode
  • Manual override: Auto / ON
  • Daylight Sensing
  • Dual / Quad element sens


Product Variations

Model Description
PIR Sensor Module PIR sensor module is a multi-purpose motion sensor designed for OEM integrations. This sensor can detect human body movement within its detection range and generate a TTL /open collector output signal.
PIR Motion Detector PIR Motion Detector is a low voltage series of sensors designed for Intrusion Home / Building automation Security market. It achieves consistent detection and superior false alarm immunity with intelligent DSP algorithm.
PIR HVAC-Light Switch PIR HVAC – Light Switch is a UNPARALLELED dual output Occupancy Sensor Switch that can play a vital role in ENERGY SAVING by eliminating manual control on application lighting and HVAC (Window / Split) up to two (2) TONS without any external contactor.
PIR Presence detector PIR Presence Detector is a recess mount occupancy sensor. It supports regulating switching control for day light harvesting with DSI / Dali / Analogue control interface.
PIR High-bay Switch PIR High Bay Sensor Switch is a high performance motion sensor design to cater High / Low bay application areas with ceiling height upto 12m.
PIR Occupancy Sensor PIR Occupancy Switch is a Premium range of Occupancy / Presence detector. It supports excellent performance with un comparable Optic design.
PIR Sensor Switch PIR Sensor Switch is a high performance occupancy sensor. It supports precise detection with a unique Spot-On algorithm.

Technical Specifications

PIR sensor: Quad element
Power supply: 230 + 10% VAC, 20mA Max
Absolute Maximum Load*: 1500W Incandescent
Detectable speed: 0.5
1.5 m/sec
Mounting height: 3.0m Typically
Lux-level: 1
3 Lux for Night mode, 4
10Lux for Dusk mode, Day mode