Commercial Products

LED Flood Lights

Manufactured using aluminum Die casting, LED flood lights are highly energy efficient as compared to traditional HID fixtures. Their high heat dissipation capability makes these fixtures zero maintenance and work under high voltage fluctuations as well as in tough climatic conditions.

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Sturdiness
  • Environment friendly
  • 180-degree rotation


  • Color Temperature : 3000k, 6000k
  • Lumen Efficiency : 110 Lumen/Watt
  • Overload Protection : 95-110% 4KV Surge Protection

Product Variations

Product Code Dimensions (MM) CCT
BM 30W Exp 125*215*61 3000k-6000k
BM 50W Exp 132*225*61 3000k-6000k
BM 100W Exp 260*225*65 3000k-6000k
BM 150W Exp 420*240*65 3000k-6000k
BM 200W Exp 280*469*65 3000k-6000k
BM 450W Exp 421*469*65 3000k-6000k
FL 10W 114*85 3000k-6000k
FL 20W 181*141 3000k-6000k
FL 30W 224*185 3000k-6000k
FL 50W 286*232 3000k-6000k
FL 50W_Lens 290*235 3000k-6000k
FL 100W_Lens 370*309*84 3000k-6000k
FL 125W_Lens 330*305 3000k-6000k
FL 150W_Lens 330*305 3000k-6000k
FL 200W_Lens 430*330 3000k-6000k
FL 300W_Lens 430*330 3000k-6000k


Area Lighting
Sports Complex

Technical Specifications

LED Make: Epistar / Osram / LG
Input: 90-285VAC, 50Hz
Power Factor: > 0.95
Driver Efficiency: > 85%
Ingress Protection: IP 66
Working Life: 40,000 hrs
CRI: > 75