Commercial Products

LED High-bay & Mid-bay Light

Workplace lighting in industries must have superior performance and should meet safety standards. The right light improves the mood of the workers and reduces the rate of error. Mid Bay and High Bay lighting are designed for taller ceilings and larger areas. These luminaires are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, ports and any industrial application. Installing High Bay Lighting is the starting point for improving your factory conditions, an investment that will enhance the yield by improving the productivity of your workers.

Key Features

  • High Bay LED Lighting by Shine is designed with high-efficiency chip on board (COB) LEDs or SMD LED’s and high purity anodized 120˚ aluminum reflector for superior performance. It ensures wide and uniform light distribution throughout the facility. LED


Product Variations

Product Code CCT Dimensions
HB 30w_SMD 3000k-6000k 120*160mm
HB 50w_SMD 3000k-6000k 120*160mm
HB 100w_SMD 3000k-6000k 150*80mm
HB 150w_SMD 3000k-6000k 425mm