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Client is engaged in designing and building critical infrastructure that enables vital applications for data centres, communication networks, commercial and industrial facilities.


Client is a leading provider of UPS Solutions all over India.

As high-intensity discharge and fluorescent lights become out-dated, they tend to waste electricity, causing energy bills to be even higher for low quality lighting.

Warehouses and industrial buildings exhibit unique characteristics: few windows, high ceilings, elevated shelving, and large floor surfaces. All these factors calls for a very specific lighting system.


LED High Bay lights have become the ideal application in warehouses for its numerous benefits. Not only do LEDs use less energy, but they also create a safer work environment and streamline the overall operations.

Shine 100W high-bay lights with CCT of 6000K has been installed to cover their warehouses and provide a smooth work ambience.


LED high-bays offer top performance as well as exceptional quality and versatility.

They utilize 60% less energy than traditional fluorescent and high intensity discharge lighting systems. Moreover, they are designed to reduce your energy consumption costs while providing your warehouse space with regular, contemporary lighting.


Shine has shown the benefits of LED lighting which includes, among others, a longer life span with ceiling height over 30ft and a high number of fixtures in this type of space results in significant maintenance costs.

Since LEDs have virtually zero heat output, the cooling load of the HVAC system is considerably reduced. This again leads to a better utilization of the units’ energy resources.