Case Study


About Company

Client is the only integrated player in the world of manufacturing Transmission Line Towers, Fasteners, Overhead Transmission Line Fittings & Accessories and Structural Steel under one banner. Established in the year 1998, client has evolved as a leader in the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Segment of Power Sector.


With large sheds, there is a high demand for powerful, quality lighting that can light up large spaces.

The previous 1000W metal-halide high bay fixtures drew a substantial amount of power and had high maintenance costs since the bulbs degraded quickly and needed to be replaced on a regular basis.

The goal was to increase the lifetime of their lighting system and reduce maintenance costs associated with replacing lights.


Client decided to go with top quality, energy-saving LED fixtures from SHINE Concepts. The 1000W metal-halide fixtures were replaced with SHB 100W SHINE high-bay, which feature virtually zero maintenance cost.

Client installed 200nos of SHB100W fixtures and uses them for production and work lights.


The SHB100W provides excellent light distribution and is powered by OSRAM LED.

With a lifetime rating of 30,000+ hours, this was an excellent upgrade for client to increase the efficiency of their lighting system and provide more consistent illumination for work areas.


Switching to LED has resulted in 75% energy savings compared to a 1000W metal-halide fixture. Their new LED lighting system emits significantly less heat than metal-halide bulbs and will lessen the need for expensive cooling solutions to combat the heat output from the lighting system.

Client can be rest assured knowing that, if there is any problem with any of their new LED fixtures over the next two years, SHINE Concepts will come out and fix it free of charge. That’s the Shine Lighting promise.