Case Study


About Company

Client’s involvement in the Rubber chemicals business spans over 4 decades. A part of the prestigious Group, Client today is the Largest Rubber Chemicals Manufacturer in India with the State of the Art Technology for the manufacture of rubber chemicals.


Client is involved in the rubber chemicals business with plants at Dahej, Gujarat and Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Client has built a broad customer base in India and over forty countries across the world. To cater such clients, it was crucial to bring operational excellence and efficiency in their processes. One such initiative was minimising electricity consumption, which is where Shine plugged its diverse experience to deliver a comprehensive lighting solution.


To begin with, one of the major challenges faced by the client was low visibility in the switchgear room. This was hampering the productivity of the workers and also straining the eyes.

The solution was our newly designed Industrial batten. For outdoor lighting, the 120W Fish Type LED Streetlight was used to replace the existing conventional streetlight of 1000W Sodium Vapour lamp.


By using our newly introduced Mushroom series industrial batten, the lux level increased by 18% in the switch gear room and consumed 60% less electricity.

The major drop in electricity consumption was observed in our 120W Fish Type LED Streetlight. This drop of 88% directly impacted the operational costs by saving around Rs 65/- per day per streetlight.


Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things. The team from Shine has hit a home run with this project.

The upgraded lighting conditions has paved the way for a positive impact and improve productivity at lower running costs.