Case Study


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With easy connectivity to Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mumbai, client is complete with every facility, comfort and luxury you could possibly want, to enable you to live a perfect life. SHINE Concepts had the privilege to complement this by providing energy efficient lighting solutions.


Strategically located at the junction of Navi Mumbai and Dombivili, client is envisioned to become the largest ever private, completely planned development in urban India.

By 2020, client will extend over a vast 5,000 acres, ranking as Maharashtra’s first mega-city. Keeping in mind the environmental impact and to curb the rising operational costs, there was a need for energy efficient LED lightings to replace the conventional lightings.


To reduce the energy consumption without compromising on the luminescence, Shine suggested 10W LED batten and 20W LED Batten for their parking area and staircase respectively.

Apart from this, after various mock ups, 15W panel lights with a CCT of 3000k and 6500k were installed to create an ambience in the lobby and passageways.


By implementing our solution, it effectively reduced the system wattage of 25.5kW to 8.2kW. This resulted in a whopping 67% reduction in the energy consumption.

What we concluded theoretically was eventually proved in the subsequent electricity bill generated.


The best marketing strategy is to make happy customers. This is the motto at Shine.

This strategy has borne fruit with a repeat order of 10W and 20W LED Battens.

A very special initiative taken in this project was the buyback policy. Shine Concepts took the responsibility and ensured that existing conventional lightings were disposed off in an eco friendly way.

Apart from this, our client also gained a commercial benefit in this entire process.