Case Study


About Company

Client has grown into a formidable player and one of India’s fastest growing companies in the FMCG market and first vegetarian toothpaste began in 1992, with the launch of a breakthrough product.


Major challenge was an unusually low ceiling height and in-order to match-up to that, customized lights were proposed.

The problem of glare was evident across their entire office. Also in their passage area glare was affecting on eye and thus leading to employee discontent.

Poor illumination was a major challenge in their office.


With many considerations, in-order to maintain the required lux levels, recessed technology was adopted which created a relaxed ambience.

We replaced 36w CFL to 9w led 4000k and the common 36w 2*2 Panel light was tailored to 24w to reduce electricity consumption and to prevent from light glare.


Shine Concepts was excited to present this solution which created a value-add to their over-all employee productivity

Illumination is far better and highly efficient than CFL.

At the same time they saw a straight 50% drop in the operating cost which made them realize their annual savings and return on investments.


After adopting LED systems not only the Energy Consumption was reduced but also it cut-down on their maintenance cost which eventually resulted in fiscal benefit.

This pleased client very much and they are looking forward to implement the same ecosystem for pan-India locations.