Shine LED COB Spot-Light is designed to offer an effective and efficient soothing radiance and long life. With a robust construction, stylish finish and quality light output, this LED Spot-light is suitable for a wide range of applications. It uses strong aluminum housing with think heat-sink.


Key Features


  • Optimum quality & Energy efficient
  • Ease of Installation and smooth Maintenance
  • Certified Bright LEDs
  • Perfect Finish and uses 80% less energy
  • Long lasting > 40000 burning hours
  • Eco-friendly, no UV or IR radiation


Product Variations:


Product Luminous Efficiency Dimensions


Cut-out (MM)
1W Cob Mini CLA 95lm/W 43*31 35
3W COB CLA Spot 95lm/W 68*55 50
5W COB CLA Spot 95lm/W 90*60 65
7W COB CLA Spot 95lm/W 90*60 65
10W COB CLA Spot 95lm/W 110*65 85
15W COB CLA Spot 95lm/W 140*60 110
20W COB CLA Spot 105lm/W 140*105 120
30W COB CLA Spot 105lm/W 165*125 145
50W COB CLA Spot 105lm/W 195*125 175
7W ECB Zoom 100lm/W 90*75 75
15W ECB Zoom 100lm/W 130*80 100
30W ECA Zoom 100lm/W 190*160 160


Technical Specifications:


CRI: >70
Input Voltage: AC 90-265V, 50Hz, Surge Protection: 2KV
Luminaries Material: Aluminum Casting
Working Life: > 40,000 hours
LED Make: Epistar
Application: Bedroom, Hallway, Living Rooms, Staircase, Hotels