LED Battens

There are lights and then there are Shine LED battens. Focusing on giving you a robust performance and glare free illumination, these lights are all you never knew you needed. LED battens are energy saving, ultra efficient, durable and long lasting as compared to conventional T5, T8, T12 fluorescent tubes. In addition to providing uniform lighting they also offer significant savings on account of power consumption and eliminate frequent replacements.


Key Features:


  • Superb functionality
  • Highly efficient
  • No UV / IR
  • Long lasting ,Upto 25000 Hours
  • Ease of Installation and Hassle free Maintenance
  • Protected from Voltage fluctuation
  • Certified Bright LEDs


Product Variations:




Power (Watt) Dimensions (MM) Luminous Efficiency Luminous Flux (lm)
LT1001 T8-8W 300 100lm/W 800lm
LT1002 T8-16W 600 100lm/W 1600lm
LT1003 T8-28W 1200 100lm/W 2800lm
LT1004 T5-6W 300 95lm/W 570lm
LT1005 T5-12W 600 95lm/W 1140lm
LT1006 T5-14W 900 95lm/W 1330lm
LT1007 T5-18W 1200 95lm/W 1710lm
LT1008 T5-20W 1200 95lm/W 1900lm
LT1009 T5-22W 1200 100lm/W 2200lm


Led Retro Tube




Power (Watt) Dimensions (MM) Luminous Efficiency Luminous Flux (lm)
LTR101 T8 – 6W 300 100lm/W 600lm
LTR102 T8 – 12W 600 100lm/W 1200lm
LTR103 T8 – 20W 1200 100lm/W 2000lm






Power (Watt) Dimensions (MM) Luminous Efficiency Luminous Flux (lm)
PL101 9W 154 100lm/W 900lm
PL102          18W 425 100lm/W 1800lm


Available in 6500k – Cool White / 4000k – Natural white / 3000k – Warm white


Technical specifications:


Wattage: 6W upto 28W
CRI: >70
Input Voltage: AC 90-265V, 50Hz, Surge Protection: 2.5KV
High Power factor
Luminaries Material: Aluminum / PC
Working Life: > 25,000 hours
LED Make: Edison
Application: Bedroom, Hallway, Living Rooms, Staircase, Washrooms, Balcony