LED Street Lights

Shine LEDs are the ideal solution for street lighting due to their long life, directional light, uniform brightness and illumination. LEDs in a properly designed luminaire are dark sky friendly, eliminating stray light and reducing overall light pollution. LED Street light has strong aluminum housing. It helps in proper heat dissipation.


Key Features


  • Sturdiness
  • Optic lenses give wide spread of light to cover maximum area
  • Increases pole spacing
  • Replacement of sodium vapor and mercury vapor high wattage lamps
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Rust resistant


Product Variations:


Product CCT Dimensions
HS 12w_SMD 3000k-6000k 98*350mm
HS 15w_SMD 3000k-6000k 98*350mm
HS 18w_SMD 3000k-6000k 98*350mm
HS 20W_SMD 3000k-6000k 98*350mm
HS 24W_SMD 3000k-6000k 148*392mm
HS 30W_SMD 3000k-6000k 148*392mm
HS 36W_SMD 3000k-6000k 160*320mm
HS 40W_SMD 3000k-6000k 160*320mm
HS 50W_SMD 3000k-6000k 160*320mm
HS 60W_SMD 3000k-6000k 205*435mm
HS 70W_SMD 3000k-6000k 205*435mm
HS 100W_SMD 3000k-6000k 260*519mm
HS 120W_SMD 3000k-6000k 280*240mm
HS 150W_SMD 3000k-6000k 280*240mm
HS 200W_SMD 3000k-6000k 300*350mm
HS 300W_SMD 3000k-6000k 300*350mm


Technical Specifications:


LED Make: Osram, Epistar, LG
Input: 90-285VAC, 50Hz, Beam angle 170 deg
Working Temp: -20 to +50C
Power Factor: > 0.95
Driver Efficiency: > 85%
Lumen Efficiency: 110 Lumen/Watt
Luminaries Material: Aluminium Die Casting
Ingress Protection: IP 67
Working Life: 40,000 hrs
LED Operating Current: 300-3000Ma
CRI: > 80
Overload Protection: 95-110% 4KV Surge Protection
Application: Major Roadways, Residential Streets, Pedestrian Walkways, Remote & Rural Location, School/college ground, Hospital Ground, Hotel Ground